Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What a TALL GIRL wants

Dedicated to short guys

Tall girls usually feel proud of their height, because they can actually STAND TALL.
So, what would a tall girl expect from her guy! The least she would expect is that the guy is taller than her! That’s because tall girls are rare and they would like to show off their tallness and make the short guys & girls feel jealous! Short girls are most times jealous of tall girls and it’s like a threat to them, like an invasion! Short girls will hate the tall girls just simply because of their tallness.. hahhaha.. Weird but true in case of girls, because being tall itself is like the best advantage a girl can have. No kidding! Tall girls want to show how tall they feel and so, they even wear heels to embarrass the guys ! hahha.. They think they are on top of the World or at least the Empire State building!

Characteristics of a tall girl are: She will not even want to stand next to a shorter guy, coz it will make her feel like she is standing with a dwarf and it will spoil her image as it’s embarrassing! . And she will think one hundred times if a short guy asks her out for a date, as short is very much equivalent to NO GOOD .. Ask me about it , as I am tall. Tall girls are happy and proud of their height until they find some other girl who is taller than them! Then there is role reversal and they feel the exact same thing what the shorter girl would feel..

So basically, the next time you want to impress a tall girl, keep praising her about height and how well she carries off her tallness and wish you were taller and Blah Blah Blah.. That’s the first step to impress a TALL GIRL . The next step is not to wear big sole boots, unfortunately! The next step is definitely nothing to do with tallness.. Just the regular way to impress a girl will do . Well I could even write a blog on how to impress a girl ..hahhaha

So this is my short blog dedicated to short guys …Stop trying to impress tall girls and try someone of your kinds ..Ok wanted to write some nonsense just for the heck!… Hope you have fun reading it, the way I had fun writing it .


Chetak said...

This is really a way to look at impressing a tall girl.

Shashi said...

u act as if your 7 ;) this is funny!!

hEman said...

hey c'mon i m a short guy about 5ft6 N i gecha girlfrnd 5ft8 (super gorgeous)
she never bother's about height N we r happy....