Sunday, May 13, 2012

THIS SHALL PASS! (My first blog of this year !)

Why do I crave to find the answers, Why do I feel I know what is going on in your mind.. Why can I not see pain and why does my heart cry. It is filled with so much pain that It wants to let out all the emotions but cannot find a channel .. Y are my feelings so extreme.. Is it good or bad.. is it practical in the world where people operate from selfishness.. Why do I feel I have a connection with most people.. I need my answers as I if I was made to have them..

Why do some people hate me and why do some love me so much.. I do not know what will happen next and I do not know if I am doing right. I have no answers as my mind is blank looking for some hope in the faintest of capacity and when I find that I see that I am overjoyed . I do not even know if I should let it be ..Even when I laugh I feel so empty. It feels so dark inside of me I want to run and find that light at the end of the tunnel.. Hoping against hope for a miracle to engulf me into its enormous power and make me a person I always wanted to be. So much going on inside me that I feel trapped and I want to break free and fly away .

Every hope that comes by is like a mirage.. Its there but when You get closer Its gone.. As if it meant nothing… Jesus.. I pray to you and think You are playing a game with me and it is a path that you have put me on to travel and finally help get there.. I hope you are testing me and I am sure you are there to lead me and hold me when I go wrong.. I But I still crave for my answers..

Everyone goes through this phase I am sure. Some people accept and some don’t .. But THIS SHALL PASS!

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Sasank said...

Dear Calvin... in real life... u need a long break.. go play game which need high adrenalin...

u will forget all these...