Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hi guys.. i havent written in like a long time now because some people told me that my style of writing is very immature and i bought it.. so i decided i will not write although there were times when i wanted to really address some issue and so many thoughts overflowed in my head. But then i pondered over it and got that " This is my style .. and its my own style .. i dont want to imitate anyone or what so ever.." what is most important is i am writing my thoughts and feelings.. so all this comes stright from my heart....This time i want to address my own issue.. which is " i haven't been able to stick to one "job" .. when i say i haven't been able to stick to one job doesnt mean i have shifted companies in the same feild.. i have jumped from place to place in differnt feilds.. and almost everytime i have jumped in a new field and i end up as a fresher!! I have already explored many different fields but fortunately or unfortunately i haven't still been able to figure out which field i wanna settle in , althought know by now that technical and the regular kinda jobs dont attract me even for their compensation !!! ...

At this point what i really want to know is ..." Is this the case only with me? or there are a lot of people who want are struggling to find the right field which they would love to be in . If there are more people like me why dont we find them often?.. another thing i want to know is "Am i a loser according to conventional people as i haven't been able to figure out what i want or am i courageous enough to explore my heart ".. I know many people who keep doing what they are doing because of responsibilities and other things and then there comes one point where they would feel " i always wanted to do something else but now its too late ' I really dread that feeling.. i can't settle for anything just like that.. i want it all.. guess i am very ambitious .. i want to do everything under the sun!!! hope it does'n cost me a lot !!! even when people asked me in my 10th std what i wanted to do i would say " i wann become a pilot. detetective . doctor, lawyer, model, ..etc ettc.. hheh"e... i may be weird to some people but i have no issues to be WEIRD or different from the mass!!It might be an embarrasing situation for many .. it was for me too coz all my friends are settled with a job and earning pretty good.. but i am out to chase something which is unknown to me too and its like an adventure and you never know what you will come up with.. But i guess the reason i am mentioning all this in my blog is i don't care of what normal people think.. and i have learnt to accept what i am!!

This attitude may appear as rude and rebellious to most people but in the end
I would be the most happy person when i finally chose something that i love coz then i know i have ruled out all the other jobs which could have never worked for me.. I am sure i have the guts to address my thoughts.. and i feel proud of it coz i am sure not many people will agree to my point.. THATS LIFE..!!