Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lost and Found and HOWW!!!!

Lost and Found and HOWW !!!

Yet again a Saturday morning which began with boredom as I have nothing to do. Thus here I was, lying down with an empty mind & I am chatting with a friend from Delhi and telling him my deplorable plight. He came up with a suggestion to work on a new BlogSpot but I didn’t know what to write about. That is when he reminded me of an INTERESTING incident which I had told him about a few days back. Thus, here I am giving words to my thought & trying to paint a picture of what happened a few days back.

As I am writing this blog, I am reminded of something which many of us do believe but more often than not, forget.

So, here you go....

I am a BAG FREAK...simply in LOVE with them. I love different kinds of bags and I keep buying them every now & then out of impulse even if I do not have a specific need. Somehow, this desire of mine is insatiable I am always looking for something new and different. Unfortunately for me, off late, in my pursuit for a good bag , I always end up compromising for an okay kind. I have looked for a good bag every place I could possibly think of but none seemed to have suited my liking so I just decided to stop trying for one for a while.

Then one fateful day I met my friend and we decided to check out the New Mall at Malleswaram called “The Mantri” mall.

I had no plans of buying anything although I am a shopaholic :P. I wanted to window shop and just check around. I happened to tell my friend that I never find good bags no matter where I have looked for it. He said, why do you go looking for a bag when your mind is already negative about finding a good bag & asked me to be positive. I agreed and said I will not keep any such a negative thought and just go check out some bags casually.

So here we were. I entered this shop and saw some bags but didn’t really like any. Went to another shop and my eye caught the sight of one bag which I checked out and happened to like it immediately. I asked my friend’s suggestion and he said its good. But since I have had a history of compromising on bags, I decided I will check around some more and then if I still like this, I will buy it..

I went to a third shop and saw some amazing collection of bags, after checking few I liked one bag much more than the previous one I saw in the previous shop and I decided that’s it! I am going for this and I bought it. I was very happy and satisfied.

The next day I just happened to meet a friend for dinner. After casually chatting for a while I was showing off my new bag to him. I happened to tell him a story of one of my friend and the coincidence in it. He was not ready to believe in such a big coincidence. I was trying to convince him that it really happened.

Anyways I finished dinner and we were preparing to take our bikes and leave. As, I did so, something struck me and I stopped him and said “Hey, I want to give you my business card.”. He took it and then we bid our byes and left in different directions. I always keep my bag in the front where we place our legs while riding. After riding for half an hour I reached home and as I looked down to get hold of my bag, what do I see… My bag is missing!!!! I freaked out… I realised that it must have slipped off while riding. I did not know what to do. It was already 9.30 Pm. I just pulled out my cell to call up to the same friend who I had just met . When I pulled out my cell I saw 5 missed calls from him as well as a message which said “ call me back immediately “ after looking at the message, I freaked out even more and I called him. He received the call and before I could say anything he started yelling at me asking me why I was not receiving the calls and where I was. I cut him short and said I have lost my bag . He yelled even more and said “I have your bag “. I was like what?? How? Why? When?

He told me as to how and where he found the bag. He said he found it on the road which we both have to pass to reach home . Now although we both took different directions , we had one road which was common. He described how he found my bag.

He said: “ I normally do not ride my bike slow, but today I was riding slow and when I came to this junction I saw a small crowd of some 4 people gathered and discussing something as if something had happened . I normally do not stop by to see what happened but today I felt something strange and had a creepy feeling that something had happened to you. I just started looking around to see if I can find your scooty and then what do I find !!This person was holding a bag and I realised it was the same bag you had. It immediately flashed to my mind it was indeed your bag. I told them immediately this is my friend’s bag. They were discussing that they should hand over the bag to the cops and things like that.

My friend was very thoughtful and he remembered that I had given him the card while leaving and told them u can check in the bag’s back pocket which has a card holder and compare this card with that card.. They still didn’t believe, then he dialled my number and said they can compare the number on the cell with the one on the card. He tried calling me but I was riding and did not realise I was getting a call… Then somehow they agreed to give him the bag when he said he will hand it over to me,. Whoa!!!

Isn’t that such a coincidence… I mean my friend who did not believe in the theory of coincidence and the story I had told him at the dinner , actually experienced a real life example... He was not able to believe that it actually happened…

So what I got out of this was “If something is really meant for you, You will get it no matter what. In this case this bag was meant to be with me so I got it back! There is no point trying to hard for anything … “

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Giri Bangalore said...

Interesting blog!

"They were discussing that they should hand over the bag to the cops and things like that."
[Girish]- Glad to know that we have so many honest people around in our city, who know what to do in such istuation :)

"Now although we both took different directions , we had one road which was common."
[Girish]- Which road is it?! curious!