Monday, June 4, 2012

It is a Monday morning  Yes I hate Mondays. Feeling super bored, have nothing much to do so, I am thinking of all the possible things I can do to keep my brain occupied.
Lets see... I love to annoy some people.. sometimes :) I am sure everybody feels the same sometimes. So, basically it is a good time pass . Hehehe. And as I am typing this blog, I am thinking of the possible topics to discuss in this blog, as most of my blogs attract extreme reactions from people.

OK......... seems like I found a topic. And it is my favorite.. It about my take on God and god fearing.

Millions of people across the world believe in "GOD" .. But GOD means different to different  people. Some people believe his physical  existence and some believe GOD is nothing but a superpower, which has no definition. For me specifically, GOD is a superpower. A force which strongly guides me  to be who I am.
I give a lot of importance to my beliefs. I personally believe god lies in our heart and our actions are shaped by how much of a god fearing person you are .

The world will cease to be a horrible experience if every human being is guided by his consciousness. I sometimes wonder how all these people who keep chanting god's name day in and day out, end up hurting another human being. Don't they fear "GOD" ? I fail to understand...

I wish everyone wakes up to the fear of "GOD" or his own consciousness and stops hurting people. The world will be a beautiful place.

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Murali Krishna said...

Well, i believe most of times its about I and not US.Thats precisely where people go wrong and start hurting others . It has nothing to do with GOD.